Kevin Devine releases super literal video for "Another Bag of Bones"

“Another Bag of Bones” is easily one of my top three favorites on Kevin Devine’s Brother’s Blood, mostly for its lyricism — each verse is a carefully constructed burst of images, and each image comes across essentially as a list. That’s why it’s kind of disappointing that the video for the song is all “let’s do absolutely nothing besides show grainy, literal interpretations of what he’s singing about.” Cue the forest fire (“It’s a brush fire spreading, feeding as it moves”), the gun and A-Bomb (“No smoking gun, no mushroom cloud”), polar bears and birds (“It’s a species disappearing, all the birds fly south”), etcetera, etcetera.

But what upsets me most is that during the instrumental portions of the song, or the “ba-da-ba-ba” ending, the stream of images is actually kind of cool. I just wish that throughout the video I didn’t have to be given a strict visual representation of something I could have just as easily imagined in my head. But oh well! The song still rules. Word, and stuff.

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