Islands gives Michael Cera drugs and shoots a music video

You heard me right. Islands. Cera. Drugs. Video. Looks like our man, MC buys some shady pills to to tune of Islands’ “No You Don’t” and goes crazy with lights (!!) and trees (!!) and a guy (!!) who is everywhere (!!). It’s a video in the style of a 90s anti-drug film, which I guess is the only way to shoot music videos in 2010 (the future is pretty educational!). I’m not really sure how this collaboration came to be, but if I know Michael Cera (which I don’t, OBVI), he was probably at a house party with Islands and they were probably all “Let’s collab!” and then he took an awkward sip of his Canadian beer and said “Yeah! Yeah sure.”

Islands – “No You Don’t” [MP3]

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