Phenomenal Video Saturday: Lennon Aldort goes all Fountain-y

Oh man! Phenomenal Video Saturday is back after many many years of absence (about 4 months of absence), and back with a vengeance. I think. See for yourself. Or don’t. Whatever.

This week I have a treat for all those who enjoy Clint Mansell, The Fountain, and living rooms. The manly man in the video is Lennon Aldort, who’s playing a solo piano version of “Death is the Road to Awe,” the brutal climactic piece of The Fountain soundtrack, that he himself transcribed. I have a thing for piano, as you probably don’t know, and Aldort conveys the track’s emotion well without all the original’s drums and string arrangements. I just kind of wish it didn’t take place in such a nice room during the daytime. He should have been performing the song in a space bubble, or something, and playing the song on a tree piano. A tree-ano!

Check out his other stuff — he has more neat Clint Mansell transcriptions as well. And, like, other stuff, but Clint Mansell. Clint Mansell. Clint Mansell.

Clint Mansell – “Death is the Road to Awe” [MP3]

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