Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 1.31.10

So if you didn’t listen to Knox Road Radio this week, shame on you. Just kidding! It was our first week back in the station in about seven weeks, so we’ll forgive you this time. But next week we won’t go so easy on you. Seriously.

Anyway, today we talked about Knox Road’s […]

In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Man, Larry The Cable Guy is just BLOWING up this week, am I right? Some sort of special is going to air and Comedy Central is dragging everything he’s ever done out of the vault. So many gems, you guys! But since you were spending so much time laffing at poop jokes, you […]


Pleasant, drifting, warm. Bands like Seas keep me going on wintry days like today. The snow is falling but my body temperature is rising (and I reaaalllly don’t mean that in the sexual way, so let’s keep those jokes to a minimum, yeah?). Seas (aka Ben Green, out of D.C.) just released Now […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Sigur Rós

So I was trolling along YouTube this morning, just filling my normal quota of adorable animals being tickled*, when I came across Sigur Rós playing “Gobbledigook” live. Don’t ask how I ended up there, busybody. I have my reasons.

I always knew that performances of “Gobbledigook” were super fun affairs, with a billion (give […]

Inevitable: Monotonix singer breaks leg during show

Israeli rock trio Monotonix is known for their absurdly dangerous onstage antics that typically involves some combination of: A. Crowd surfing B. Throwing drums C. Crowd surfing on drums or D. Throwing drums and trash cans at people crowd surfing or hanging from the ceiling. They must have anticipated an injury along the way.


[MP3] Wakey!Wakey!: "Twenty Two"

One of my new favorite singer/songwriters, Michael Grubbs (Wakey!Wakey!), has made available the first single (thanks Amie Street!) off his forthcoming, sophomore LP, Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You. He’s another artist blurring the lines between indie and mainstream (let’s give another ’round of applause to Rachael […]

Frightened Rabbit is lining up a big ol' American tour

You heard me. Frightened Rabbit is going on an extensive American tour in support of their forthcoming third full-length, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, due out March 9. This doesn’t happen particularly often, so don’t miss it. Seriously, don’t. If I hear any more about this negligence of yours, I’m really […]

TQR (The Quiet Revolution)

Less equals more (there’s a pun here, which you’ll understand soon ;)). Or so TQR would lead you to be believe. Also, new projects are intriguing, right? The story goes like this: Tal More, a 31 year-old Israeli songwriter, writes a song and then finds the right vocalist and musicians for his work. […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg needs "umph" on IRM

The Urban Dictionary defines “Umph” as lots of strange sexual things, but I’ve always understood the word to mean that little extra power to make something great. Like “My car just needs a little more umph to get up this hill” or “This amp could use a little more umph to really ROCK” […]

[MP3] Justice: "Beginning Of The End"

UPDATE: Stereogum is reporting that the track is a fake (!!!). Looks like somebody pulled a fast one on just about everybody. Well, you can’t blame us for getting wrapped up in the excitement. These things happen!

You go to bed early, and look what happens? Justice releases a new track and everybody […]