World's End Girlfriend

Figured I’d interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some World’s End Girlfriend. Because why not? Everyone needs some nice ol’ Japanese experimental music from time to time, mom always says.

World’s End Girlfriend is the project of Katsuhiko Maeda, who creates completely odd soundscapes using all sorts of sounds — guitars, programmed and live drums, saxophone, bizarre cartoon noises — to create a sort of sub-genre of post-rock where only he resides. Take the end of the 13+ minute “100 Years of Choke,” for instance, which adds what can best be described as a Disney character having a violent seizure to its bruising climax.

It’s music that’s gleefully weird, but in this case it’s not just for the sake of being weird. Every strange bit has its place, and for all the oddness present, Maeda still creates some absolutely gorgeous moments.

Attached are two MP3s, the first from his 2002 release Dream’s End Come True, and the second from 2007’s Hurtbreak Wonderland. Do it.

World’s End Girlfriend – “Singing Under the Rainbow” [MP3]

World’s End Girlfriend – “Birthday Resistance” [MP3]

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