[Off My Radar] Real Estate

[Ed. Note: A lot of music comes out in a given year. I’m busy, ok? I don’t have all the time in the world to hear everything released and tell you about it. So I’ve decided to go back and visit all the great music that was, clearly, just off my radar.]

Their Wikipedia page calls Real Estate a psychedelic surf-pop band, but to classify the four boys from New Jersey so shallowly is a mistake. Made up of high school friends who have been (and are) in and out of several other bands, Real Estate clearly has a connection that works to their advantage. A lot of their songs are void of lyrics and the musicianship is so tight it makes you not want any more. The sound they create is otherwordly. Mexican Summer describes it well as “the sound of a late Sunday afternoon, in the dreaded hours before work or school claims your life again.”

The band boasts impressive recordings on several labels. They have a 7″ on Underwater Peoples; their latest EP, Reality, on Mexican Summer; and the excellent self-titled album on Woodsist. The band is definitely casting a wide net and reaping the benefits. Music blogs have been loving Real Estate, so if they get a quick turn around in 2010, we might see a new leader in that (yet to be named) lazy, guitar-driven indie dream pop genre. As a part-time resident of Bucks County, PA, I’d also like to add that it’s nice to see some rep from my neighbor New Jersey. I might hate their driving, but I LOVE their music.

Real Estate – “Beach Comber” [MP3]

Real Estate – “Snow Days” [MP3]

Real Estate – “Fake Blues” [MP3]

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  • Have just started to pay attention to these guys myself. I’ve only heard a few tracks, but I’ve really been enjoying ‘Beach Comber’ this week.