[MP3] Green Pitch: "A Letter of Stone"

Supposedly, Danish band Green Pitch released its most recent album, La Jolla, in April 2009. And I haven’t heard of them until today? What’s up with that, am I right? So I checked them out, and as it turned out the music was a perfect complement to today: lying in bed while the sun refuses to come out and bouts of freezing rain bounce around outside. The music itself is never really loud — most songs are carried by a single instrument (Rhodes, banjo) with accompaniment from others.

The anchor of “A Letter of Stone,” specifically, is its oft-repeated lines (with an undercurrent of drums): “When it’s a problem / for you to solve them / there’s no mistaking / the choice she’s making.” Not exactly Shakespearean, but it does have a way of getting under your skin. Ahh, get it out from under my skin! Haha!

Green Pitch – “A Letter of Stone” [MP3]

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