Civil Twilight set for big things in 2010

Originally from South Africa, Civil Twilight is making a name for themselves in the States, where they’ve been featured in recent television spots and currently reside. The trio, comprised of brothers Steven and Andrew McKellar, alongside lead singer Richard Wouters, is driven by crunching guitars and piano ballads, forming a distinctly Britpop influenced sound. As their bio reads:

Native dance music and the mbaqanga and township jive styles popularized worldwide by Paul Simon’s Graceland album were inescapable influences.

“South Africa can be a hard place to explain,” Richard reflects. “It’s very heavily influenced by American and British bands, but it also has this aspect to it that’s totally unique. Being situated at the tip of Africa, and with its history as both a British and Dutch colony, we kind of create our own worlds.”

It’s impassioned music for sure, with darkly melodic overtones. Wouters delivers exceptionally heartfelt vocals; the power behind them is striking. Civil Twilight is indeed arena rock at its finest, and although this style can get a bad rap (from us included), their music is the background to our vicarious thrills. Listening to Civil Twilight is like walking with a windstorm, pushed along by its sheer force, unable to hold ourselves back, allowing our weaknesses and desires to spill free.

Perhaps we’re better off for it.

Civil Twilight – “Letters From The Sky” [MP3]

Civil Twilight – “Next To Me” [MP3]

Civil Twilight on MySpace | Website | Purchase their self-titled LP

3 comments to Civil Twilight set for big things in 2010

  • good choice, levin. civil twilight was streaming through the bavarian countryside this morning. yeah, the arena stage is set for them for SURE in the states. did i check out oasis live post-“live forever”? damn straight. did i see coldplay in an arena post-“yellow”? but of course. doves? check. the sound is intoxicating. i am a shoegazer first, true, but the britpop sound is undeniably attractive. bring it.

  • Lee

    Nice to hear, Abby! I appreciate your honesty as well 😉

  • Jon

    These guys are great, There streaming there new album “Holy Weather” on there website. They got this cool thing going on where they have a virtual interactive turntable playing the record. Its really cool, the turntable has a bunch of knobs and when you mess around with them you can unlock cool prizes and secret content!