Nice Purse are the acoustic wild children in us all

Nice Purse

Haven’t you always secretly wanted to join a band that’s strictly two acoustic guitars, basic percussion, harmonizing and shouting? Come on, I know you have. If Where The Wild Things Are taught me anything it’s that we’re all secretly crazy inside (right?). So THANK GOD Nice Purse is around to represent the wild child we don’t usually like to set free (I blame society).

The Minneapolis group is the aforementioned acoustic guitars, basic percussion and a lot of sporadic shouting and chant/singing. What else do you need? Please tell me, because I’m pretty convinced this is all you need. The end result is something very folky, but at times very tribal with inklings of punk (hence the shouting). While parts of their full-length album, Barely Eagle, can fall flat, the singles are enough to make a strong impression and tell you that Nice Purse doesn’t mess around.

Although the band is signed to Hi-Five for Lo-Fi Records, Barely Eagle is self-released and available as a freeeee download over at Bandcamp. I would recommend downloading it. The best $0 gift you can give yourself.

Nice Purse – “That’s The Tude” [MP3]

Nice Purse – “Travel!” [MP3]

Nice Purse on Myspace

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