Indian Wars release “If You Want Me” 7″


Vancouver, B.C.’s Indian Wars recently signed to Bachelor Records and promptly released a four-song 7″, If You Want Me, that can only be an omen of good things to come. The title track, the amazing gritty-ass anthem, “If You Want Me,” is old news, but “Just Can’t Get Along With You,” is new news and great news at that! I previously hailed the group for keeping up with the dirty garage rock sound that is often missing from the overproduced indie scene today, and nothing has really changed.

The songs on If You Want Me roll along with ease; little pop gems that are just rough around the edges. It’s short, but definitely enough to make me just OH very excited for a full-length. The band is definitely going up on my list of bands to see live in 2010. My apartment is always open for you to play shows, guys. We have couches and PBR for all.

Indian Wars – “Just Can’t Get Along With You” [MP3]

Indian Wars – “If You Want Me” [MP3]

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