Dead Leaf Echo to release 7″


New York trio Dead Leaf Echo have just begun the pre-sale for their upcoming first 7″, Half-Truth. The titular A side is available for listening on the band’s website, and it’s probably worth a listen if you have approximately 4 minutes and 41 seconds available. And no less. Some people organize their schedules really specifically, I guess.

I’d recommended the track for fans of delay-happy, shoegazy indie-pop; for comparison’s sake, if you squint real hard, you might be able to hear a bit of Blonde Redhead in there.

(Last thing! Here’s a fun game: Imagine someone without any knowledge of this type of music reading that last sentence. So amusing!)

Half-Truth 7″
A Side: “Half-Truth” 4:41
B Side: “Babyeyes” 3:35

Dead Leaf Echo – “Half-Truth” [MP3]

Purchase the 7″ here

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