Notable Album Release: One For The Team – Ghosts

one for the team

KR friend Ian Anderson (over at MFR) and his band One For The Team are set to release their third full-length, titled Ghosts, March 16, 2010. Quickly becoming experts in the jubilant pop scene, One For The Team has been a steady riser, especially following the success of their previous album, Build It Up. There are rarely hints of any genre besides straight pop in their music and I expect nothing different from Ghosts; maybe an increased maturity, a la Mates of State on Re-Arrange Us (comparison simply because of the cutesy male/female vocal tandem – Anderson sings with Grace Fiddler).

Relying on a steady stream of electric guitar, throbbing percussion, and backing keys, One For The Team is a sunny day listen, and the March release should be perfect for getting us out of the Winter funk. Ian has a strong-willed voice in a raspy, high-pitched, almost clamor like timbre, coaxing us to join him in a head-bopping whirl.

Says Anderson about the new record:

This sounds weird, but I wanted to ask the question ‘What would it be like if I became friends with a ghost?’ How would we interact and talk? How could I help him move on to the next phase of life? Ultimately, it reflected what was going in my real life-getting out of a serious relationship and dealing with that transition and being okay with moving forward and rebuilding my life from what was leftover.”

Yeah, it does sound weird, but aside from the whole ghost bit, we’re all familiar with that relationship-y feeling. Get ready for Ghosts, y’all.

One For The Team – “Best Supporting Actor” [MP3] (from Build It Up)

One For The Team – “Garden” [MP3] (from Build A Garden EP)

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