[MP3] My Education: “Oars”


Loyal Knox Road reader, see that picture above? Those guys look pretty chilled out, right? WRONG-O! They’re My Education, and they’re not chill; instead, they’re feedback and tremolo picking and slow, deliberate post-rock buildups. Sounds like a Jon band!

And they’re releasing a new album, Sunrise, in April 2010. That’s a long time from now, you might be thinking. I was thinking that too! But the band has offered us a preview in the form of the six-minute “Oars,” a nice little intense instrumental tune. This may be an album to keep in mind as next year rolls around.

Last thing: I don’t want to be, like, Mr. Sweeping Comparison or anything, but don’t you agree that when the viola comes in at 2:25, it’s like you’re listening to a nu-Godspeed song or something? No? Okay. I don’t think so either.

My Education – “Oars” [MP3]

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