In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Someone Doesn't Fit In Here

This week wasn’t heavy on posting, because we knew the Thanksgiving food would be heavy enough for the U.S. folk among us. So you should have been able to get through a week of Knox Road, but we all mess up every once in a while (us KR guys actually mess up a lot, but whatever). That’s why there’s always a second chance around here, even if you’re a White House party crasher. Week In Review for the win. [image via]

Knox Road’s top albums of the decade!

Australian quartet Hancock Basement bring a playful, intoxicating sound
SXSW announces the first 230 showcasing bands for 2010

[MP3] Citay: “Careful With That Hat”

WHY? puts two songs (“These Hands” and “January Twenty Something”) in one video. Neat-o.
KR Flashback: Lee presents a post from over a year ago

New Feature: “Abby’s Road”! Her first entry includes a burnout Ticketmaster salesperson, a trip to the National Record Mart, and the music behind Charmed, the best TV show ever.

Apparatjik: Jon says he always wanted “the dude from Mew, that one guy from Coldplay, and another one from the ’80’s group A-ha” to join forces. Didn’t we all?

*Pick of the Week*
Tsururadio: “coldcoffee’s Autumn Mixtape” Tsuru presents one of his community members’ amazing mixtapes for autumn. Really, it’s a can’t miss mixtape. No hyperbole. Check out one of the mp3s below from a KR favorite, Local Natives, for a preview, and then head over to Tsururadio for the rest.
Local Natives – “Who Knows Who Cares” [MP3]

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