[MP3] Citay: “Careful With That Hat”


Citay, the ever-revolving collective from San Francisco, have announced their newest LP, Dream Get Together (due January 26 via Dead Oceans), and are providing a free mp3 to preview the album. “Careful With That Hat” is much tighter and well-strung pop than previous Citay material, which progressed in a lazy manner and was more downtempo. Not like that was a problem (the older material is actually quite good), but I’m delighted by this new track, which also has more prominent vocals than what we have been accustomed to from Citay. You’ll notice the differences almost immediately, but I don’t think you’ll turn your back. I’m expecting more of an “embrace” type reaction.

Citay – “Careful With That Hat” [MP3]

[via Stranger Dance]

[photo by Alison Childs]

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