Vampire Weekend release video for new single “Cousins”

Vampire Weekend is back, everybody! They’re going to be releasing the first big album of the new decade, Contra, on January 12, but for now they’re teasing the eager fans with singles. We first heard the softer side with “Horchata,” a pretty good little song. And now we have the faster-paced “Cousins.” And awww the video is adorable! It’s just like, these happy white kids from New England in a colorful back alley being silly! Stuff White People Like for sure (that reference is still hip, right?).

1 comment to Vampire Weekend release video for new single “Cousins”

  • I am a big fan of this video but don’t know yet about the song. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me.

    I enjoyed their debut but they definitely fell into the category of bands who got overly hyped. They really didn’t make an ‘album’. They made a bunch of good songs that got put together as an album.

    I’m being a bit cynical… But I hope they are able to follow up with an album that doesn’t disappoint.

    But either way. Love the video :)