Clean Equations’ sublime dream-pop

Clean Equations

Clean Equations could easily be Messy Equations with seven band members. But in the age of the indie-pop collective (at least for me), they pull off a solid and tempered group dynamic. Musical hysteria be damned, you’re losing in the big bands battle!

Minimalist percussion and layers upon layers of rippled keys and guitars make Clean Equations a captivating listen. At times brooding and foreboding, they seem to have a predilection for mystery. Enchanting backing sounds and carefully plucked strings lead into full, dark crescendos wrapped in distortion. Lead vocalist Michael Nyhan and frequent partner Gretchen Lohse haunt us with their hushed, dainty voices, which complement poignant and emotive lyrics.

From Philadelphia, Clean Equations are just getting started – the songs featured below are taken from their debut six-song EP (s/t), released October 12, 2009. They’re beginning to work on an upcoming full-length for State Capital Records, so if you’re a fan of illusory, sonic experiences (who isn’t?) be on the lookout.

Clean Equations – “Hotel on the 5” [MP3]

Clean Equations – “Alison” [MP3]

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[thanks to Dave Rawkblog for the intro]

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