New Radio Shack commercial features Let’s Go Sailing’s “Icicles”

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Well, the mainstream is picking up on this a bit late, but better late then never, right? Let’s Go Sailing’s brilliantly sweet The Chaos In Order has been a constant listen since it came out a couple years ago. One of the catchier tracks is “Icicles” (though it’s hard to pick a legit standout track because they’re all so good), which Radio Shack realized (…two years late) and have now decided to feature it on their appropriate wintry commercial, “Product Tree Farm”. “Icicles” is a gem; the glowing female harmonies and airy guitars make for a delectable tune.

Let’s Go Sailing – “Icicles” [MP3]

3 comments to New Radio Shack commercial features Let’s Go Sailing’s “Icicles”

  • liz

    Aww, I love icicles. I’m always happy for indie artists when they show up in commercials for some reason …. it’s nice to know that they are making a little $$$. Still hate Radio Shack though. :)

  • Abby

    How about Phoenix recently? Nothing like a boost in sales because of Cadillac.

    Lee Reply:

    Haha, oh Cadillac. Indie music makes car commercials semi-watchable these days. But Phoenix is getting the love from just about everyone.