Jadiid is an interesting band. If you asked me to give you their overall “sound,” I suppose I’d say something about acoustic guitars, folk, soul, and the like, but it wouldn’t be a fair description. The band’s full-length, It’s OK, Be Anxious, definitely has an acoustic bend to it, but it also features electric guitars, drums, bass, trumpets, strings, piano, and one of those world-weary vocal tones that commands your attention.

With all these instruments comes the tendency for the songs to meander — none of the 11 songs on the album are shorter than four minutes — which, in turn, sometimes creates the sense that the songs bleed together. But it’s only an occasional problem: So many of the ideas stuffed into each song are so effective on their own, and that helps the band overcome.

And when the band is on, they’re on. Take the gorgeous, climactic finale of “Something to Follow,” for example, or the sudden, welcome vocal emoting as “Burning Sun” winds down.

So, although the album has a propensity to shoot off in random directions, the best parts of the songwriting outweigh the weaker ones. On a grander scale, the songs hit way more than they miss, and It’s OK, Be Anxious turns out to be a pretty solid release all around.

It’ll be released on Amazon MP3 and iTunes soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Jadiid – “Something to Follow” [MP3]

Jadiid – “Blue on Blue” [MP3]

Jadiid on MySpace

N.B. Does the main riff on “Blue on Blue” sound exactly like Pixies’ “Where is my Mind?” or is it just me?

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