In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

britney spears snake

Were you consoling Britney Spears after Australians got all mad she lip synchs and puts on a less-than-stellar show? I know B, life’s tough sometimes. Here, dry your eyes with these millions of dollars you still have. Let’s talk about life. I know lip synching is your THING (hard to dance with snakes and sing at the same time, ya know?) but Australians have higher standards and you’re going to have to live with that. Look, why don’t you distract yourself by catching up on what you missed on Knox Road this week.

Knox Road Radio playlist for 11.1.09

Akudama drops free November EP, Thumbelina

[MP3] Stricken City: “Small Things”
Live video of Headlights live @ The Guest Apartment

[Review] Weezer’s Raditude is just silly and bland
Liars announce new album, continue the creep show
Goldspot releases new LP

[MP3] Golden Shoulders: “Mountain”

Grizzly Bear makes another creepy music video
Will Stratton warms up your cold warm weekend

New live Frightened Rabbit track, “Nothing Like You”

*Pick of the Week*
Aurgasm: “The Kiliminjaro Darkjazz Ensemble” Kyle at Aurgasm offers a band that’s not typically my cup of tea, but is fascinating all the same. The picture of these guys might just be the icing on the oddity cake.

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