Will Stratton: Perfect for a cold weekend

Will StrattonWunderkid Will Stratton‘s newest LP, No Wonder, dropped earlier this week and I’d be remiss not to share my thoughts. I know very little about Stratton, except that Mr. Nobody, Sufjan Stevens, made an appearance on his first album, What The Night Said, which garnered much critical praise. His voice is eerily reminiscent of Nick Drake’s, as the raspy, soft, and delicate tone give way to much emotional evocation.

The tunes float by on acoustic strumming and subtle, backing keys, with occasional flourishes of a horn and the like. I, for one, will be listening to Stratton’s new tunes this weekend in particular, as we lose light ever so quickly and the brisk winter air descends upon us. Stratton obviously knows his audience and now is a perfect release time for No Wonder.

Will Stratton – “Your California Sky” [MP3]

Will Stratton – “Who Will” [MP3]

Oh, and will you look at that! Good friend Sandy (at Slowcoustic) wrote about him along with an interview a few days ago. Why am I not surprised? (P.S. it’s good stuff, so check it out.)

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