[MP3] Lymbyc Systym: “Bedroom Anthem”

Recently brought to my attention by the one and only Abby (from Abby’s Road fame – duh), Lymbyc Systym, otherwise known as brothers Jared and Michael Bell, have become a fast-rising act. Their newest full-length, Shutter Release, dropped November 3 and has been earning critical acclaim for its forceful and dreamy instrumental nature. […]

[MP3] Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: “Even Heroes Have To Die”

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists are prepping a new album for 2010! Cool, right? Cool. The veteran indie rock group is calling the LP The Brutalist Bricks and Matador Records is calling it “one of those career-defining, ‘can you believe what you’re hearing?’ kinda records that makes most other […]

In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

This week wasn’t heavy on posting, because we knew the Thanksgiving food would be heavy enough for the U.S. folk among us. So you should have been able to get through a week of Knox Road, but we all mess up every once in a while (us KR guys actually mess up a […]

Today in bizarre supergroups: Apparatjik

Whenever someone asks me to name my dream supergroup, I immediately say something to the effect of “the dude from Mew, that one guy from Coldplay, and another one from the ’80’s group A-ha.” And then we all laugh sarcastically. And then we pee on walls and stuff, because we’re men, dammit.

But […]

[Abby’s Road] Introduction: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Editor’s Note: We’re proud to announce a new feature here on Knox Road, aptly titled “Abby’s Road”. Abby will be a continual contributor to the blog, but will be writing about something very different than what you’re used to from KR. She has an extensive depth (and breadth) of musical knowledge (as well […]

[KR Flashback] Hometown: Glorious

If any of you (maybe, one, two?) were reading the blog at this time last year, you’ll remember I posted a little something about hometowns and their glory and all that. I actually didn’t say anything, but I got you in the mood. With Adele. Because, duh, she always gets you in the mood. […]

WHY? release one video for “These Hands” and “January Twenty Something”

I guess it makes sense to package together “These Hands” and “January Twenty Something,” the four minute one-two punch that begins WHY?‘s Eskimo Snow. The songs themselves are tonally different, which makes the sudden change from fantastical, bizarre narrative to live band performance work. And even if you don’t like either half of the […]

[MP3] Citay: “Careful With That Hat”

Citay, the ever-revolving collective from San Francisco, have announced their newest LP, Dream Get Together (due January 26 via Dead Oceans), and are providing a free mp3 to preview the album. “Careful With That Hat” is much tighter and well-strung pop than previous Citay material, which progressed in a lazy manner and was […]

SXSW announces initial showcasing artists

Picture 6SXSW just announced 230 showcasing artists for this year’s festival, and there are plenty more to come! Who knows, this could be the biggest year yet for SXSW, if that’s even possible. Take a peek at the full list after the jump, taken from SXSW’s website.

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The intoxicating Hancock Basement

As I was packing this morning to head home for Thanksgiving I decided I needed something upbeat spinning in the background. I know, “upbeat” and Lee? Not usually associated with each other. (Just kidding, though Jamie would lead you to believe otherwise.) So I surfed through the overflowing inbox (a good thing – […]