[MP3] Me’shell Ndegeocello: “Bright Shiny Morning”


This track is for all you haters who think we aren’t diverse enough ’round these KR parts. Well, lemme tell ya, we listen to a plethora of different genres within our little indie music world, so don’t think we limit ourselves to a certain type. While, obviously, we have preferences (including differences among each writer,) we’re not averse to trying out all sorts of tunes (as I’ve mentioned before, “screamo” is out of the question.)

With that preface in mind, I present to you Me’shell Ndegeocello, whom I discovered today while perusing KCRW’s always fantastic “Today’s Top Tune“. She may be well known throughout soul-loving crowds but I’m assuming this audience has heard very little of her (please correct me if I’m wrong – in no way do I mean to sound ignorant.) The German-born, American singer/songwriter manages to blend together an eclectic mix of soothing soul, jazz, and spoken word rap, which is apparent on “Bright Shiny Morning”. I find myself most attracted to Ndegeocello’s airy voice and the subtle bells in the background, which should come as no surprise. Take the tune for a spin, and check out this liberating website dedicated to (and in conjunction with) Ndegeocello, entitled, “Free My Heart“.

Me’shell Ndegeocello – “Bright Shiny Morning” [MP3]

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[Photo by Kurt Rogers]

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  • Tart

    Ah, glad to see you youngins catch up to this wonderful woman. And shame on you, Lee, for missing it over at the Shack! (just kiddin, m’dear) xoxo