Go See: Liam Finn & Eliza Jane with Miracle Fortress


D.C., we got a grand one coming our way, and it is NOT sold out yet, so get your inner motors going and purchase a ticket to see Liam Finn & Eliza Jane perform November 3 at the Rock N Roll Hotel along with one of my favorites, Miracle Fortress (the project of Graham Van Pelt, from Montreal.) The “children of” wunderkids (Finn and Jane) are sure to put some groove in your step and Miracle Fortress will provide the complementary ethereal moments. Van Pelt’s high-pitched, raspy vocals go hand-in-hand with the multi-instrumental background sound, with layers upon layers of electronica. Go to this show. Thanks.

Liam Finn – “Second Chance” [MP3]

Miracle Fortress – “Hold Your Secrets To Your Heart” [MP3]

[Photo via Stereogum]

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