James Yuill

James Yuill

Been listening a lot lately to James Yuill‘s Turning Down Water For Air, an album released back in January of this year, and frustrated is the first emotion that comes to mind; why have I not listened sooner? Yuill’s music is right up my alley with electroacoustic digs and a distinct folk vocal tone; he presents an indelible combination of acoustic pop with heavier electronica. From his bio:

Like many music lovers of his generation, James Yuill has a passion for both the emotional songwriting and atmospheres of artists such as Nick Drake, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens and the visceral beats and dynamic rhythms of Justice, Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin.

The music is meandering and forceful at the same time, and I expect Yuill to break out from his UK stardom to greater international popularity in no time. Check out the two different sides to his sound below.

James Yuill – “Left Handed Girl” [MP3]

James Yuill – “No Pins Allowed” [MP3]

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