Sufjan is free of conceptual restraints (read: new album coming!)


Sufjan Stevens has been popping his head out of the muck of obscurity a bit in the past few months, which is great because he rocks. He’s said in interviews, though, that he’s been in something of a creative rut, which explains the lack of a new album. His most recent is Illinoise, which came out in 2005.

But not anymore! New material! Coming your way! Interview! Blockquote!

Well, I’m trying a lot of new material on this tour and they’re kind of long-form songs—meandering, works in progress, but I’m hoping that they’ll eventually find themselves on an album. So I think that all of that negative view of the state of affairs of the music industry and the demise of the LP and all this—I feel like that’s sort of old news for me. It’s a recent crisis but one I feel that I’m getting around. I think that a lot of the new material that I’m working on is inspiring enough to get me to record it and maybe have a new record out next year.

So it seems like the whole 50 States Project might have fallen by the wayside, but at this point I’m sure most fans will take what they can get. And, I mean, that project could have totally failed. What if the next state had turned out to be something like Montana? It would be 70 minutes of howling wind.

At least it would be indie howling wind.

Sufjan Stevens – “Chicago” [MP3] (from Illinoise)

[via Stereogum]

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