[MP3] New Tim Williams: “Murderous Air”


Since Jon’s post about a month ago, Tim Williams has been gaining a reputation as one of the best up-and-coming singer/songwriters the genre has to offer. Way to go Jon for predicting success, and way to go to Tim for the actual success! His music was recently featured on One Tree Hill – just in time for his latest album, Careful Love, which dropped today.

Lucky for us (and you,) Williams has made available another mp3 off of the album, which provides plenty of incentive to buy Careful Love and hop on the Tim Williams success train. “Murderous Air” is a graceful song, with mixed pop elements – we hear piano, guitar and strings, creating an almost orchestral, cinematic effect. Delightful harmonies also make their way into the music, as the song becomes a loaded gem, which certainly bodes well for Careful Love as a whole. Get your copy here!

Tim Williams – “Murderous Air” [MP3]

Tim Williams on MySpace

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