In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


Whew just got this one in on time! *Pretend I’m blogging from the West Coast.* Okay fine, I missed my deadline, but forgive me? Knox Road’s got a lot of great content coming up for you so hopefully we’ll make up for this little mishap and it’ll all be taken in stride. We good? ANYWAY, in case you were too busy stuck in Northeast snowstorms or dealing with college midterms, here’s KR’s week in review. [image via Sharing Machine comic Married To The Sea]

LOST Babies! Awesome/awful characters and puns
Knox Road Radio playlist for 10.11.09

[Review] The Flaming Lips make beautiful, confusing art with Embryonic
[Review] Ólafur Arnalds creates some lovely, if unmoving, tunes on Found Songs
Singer/Songwriter Yael Meyer to release new EP

[MP3] Tape Deck Mountain: “Bat Lies”
Lights Out Asia’s moving, imaginative and spooky abyss
[MP3] New Doveman: “Angel’s Share”

Hawksley Workman finally releases debut album in The U.S.

Knox Road Radio show (MP3) and playlist for 10.18

*Pick of the Week*
Slowcoustic: “The Swell Season is upon us” Sandy provides us with a little glimpse into Glen and Marketa’s latest.

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