Heading over to France for some Alcest


I’ve been on this weird awesome shoegazey post-rock kick over the past week or so. There’s just something about a hugely distorted wall of guitar noise, you know?

Anyway, this fellow from France goes by the name Neige, and records under the name Alcest. His early recordings had a black metal type sound to them, but he’s scaled it back for recent releases, now evoking a sort of dark fairy tale mood. In a nutshell, it sounds pretty neat.

His 2007 release, Souvenirs d’un autre monde, features both him and Audry Silvain (Amesoeurs) on vocals, and there’s not terribly much to say besides that. It’s one of those things you have to listen to in order to really understand what he’s going for here. So put on some headphones and enjoy.

Alcest – Souvinirs D’un Autre Monde [MP3]

Alcest – Tir Nan Og [MP3]

Alcest on MySpace

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