Lights Out Asia

Lights Out Asia

The Knox Road email isn’t currently working on my computer, so a post about a band I’ve been listening a lot to lately will have to suffice. But don’t worry, you’re not getting gypped – my music taste is your music taste, right? Right?? Hmm…

Regardless of your answer to that last (rhetorical) question, I present to you Lights Out Asia, an experimental trio from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To clue us in on the sound, their influences listed on MySpace are “Atlantic, Pacific, melting glaciers, panoramas, llamas, bananas.” See, it’s kinda weird when things like this happen – we’re not supposed to be able to figure anything out from those seemingly random words, yet somehow they tell us a whole lot about the music. The vagueness corresponds to the vast expanse of their sound – floating in a thick layer of fog, yet grounded in its progression. It’s definitely low-key, relaxing stuff, but not something you can use as background music during work; you’ll just zone out. Spacey, moving, imaginative, and even spooky, Lights Out Asia will drown your thoughts in their abyss.

Lights Out Asia – “MIR” [MP3]

Lights Out Asia – “Psiu! Puxa!” [MP3]

Purchase Eyes Like Brontide | Lights Out Asia on MySpace

[photo by Deb Leal]

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