LOST Babies!

I’m assuming there’s a whole legion of about four people out there who still watch LOST, and have stuck with it through five seasons. I’m one of them, so for the three people out there who care, this one’s for you!

So basically it’s LOST Babies, and while it’s mostly what you would expect from something called LOST Babies, it’s pretty awesome regardless. The character’s heads are crudely superimposed onto babies’ bodies, every other line is an awful (read: awesome) pun, and the punchline of the whole thing is all sorts of brilliant.

Sure as hell beats my (co-created, I ain’t stealin’) spin-off idea, The Hatch. What happens is the survivors get off the island around season 2, you see, and start a bar in downtown Boston called The Hatch. They serve quality beer and reminisce about the good ol’ days. Starring Matthew Fox,  Vincent, and Kelsey Grammer.

[via Cracked]

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