In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


I know you’ve been way too absorbed in the incredibly suspenseful baseball playoffs to read Knox Road this week. I mean, it’s great to see such parity in baseball with none of the big market teams in the playoffs! (Yes, I am being sarcastic about something that people have been sarcastic about for, well, ever. Call me unoriginal. But these playoffs…man, it seems even more the case.) Uhhh, back to music! [Cartoon by Nicholson via]

[MP3] ArpLine: “Fold Up Like A Piece of Paper”

[Review] The Mountain Goats’ downtempo The Life of the World to Come is haunting and lovely
[Review] The Raveonettes’ In And Out Of Control is just darling
[Review] Headlights are solid, if confusing, on Wildlife
Newest installment of awesome mystery bands: Antiqcool

Tim Minchin, the Australian: A musician first, comedian second

Lee’s seventh iTunes Mixery (I swear, I’m trying to keep pace! It’s basically been monthly since I started!)

We finally write about emerging and talented singer/songwriter Landon Pigg
Modest Mouse unleashes video with all sorts of coolness for “The Whale Song”

[MP3] Digits: “Nonstop”

*Pick of the Week*
i’m waking up to …: “#205 wintersleep – search party” Our friends from Singapore let us know about Wintersleep’s free four song sampler!

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