[MP3] Digits: “Nonstop”


Digits, the electronic indie pop project of Alt Altman, released his first full album, Hold It Close, on September 22. Altman, out of Toronto, typically sings with deep, monotone vocals over his layered electronic beats, but the song “Nonstop” features slightly more ranging vocals – something we take to kindly here at Knox Road. “Nonstop” has a nice, slow build, with intermittent hand claps and airy harmonies, all the while keeping listeners on their toes with tempo-changing percussion. The keys are featured most prominently, as on most electronic music, and Altman keeps the song focused enough as to not over-do himself. Smart move. Go ahead, enjoy this shiny song – and check out Digits’ website for more free music.

Digits – “Nonstop” [MP3]

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