Jesus H. Foxx

Jesus H. Foxx

Hot on the heels of Song, by Toad Records’ latest success with Meursault comes Jesus H. Foxx (don’t be thrown off by the name, please), a seven-piece outfit out of Edinburgh, Scotland (where else? It is Song, by Toad‘s label anyway…). Jesus H. Foxx mix several different genres of music, which is perhaps easier with a larger group. But a cohesive, delicate sound? Impressive. I would have never guessed there were seven members in the group, and frankly, that’s just how I like it. Though, Jesus H. Foxx certainly have their fair share of disjointed, fun ballads.

Musically, Jesus H. Foxx bring out the most simple of sounds and somehow make them complex to create the dreamy, textured atmosphere on their new EP, Matter. The guy-girl vocal harmonies (apparently every member sings some) establish a backbone to the creative backgrounds. The deep male baritone works wonders for Jesus H. Foxx as the complementary, cutesy female vocals match the lively, percussion-driven rhythms. The songs work together as one; we’re given hazy noise which leads into soft crescendos (oxymoron? No. Jesus H. Foxx manages to pull it off) and full choruses. Give ’em a listen, their sound is unique to what we typically feature here – it will be a little “taste expansion.”

Jesus H. Foxx – I’m Half The Man You Were [MP3]

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  • Rampant Chutney Consumerism

    super smashing great!!!

    funny seeing these guys on your blog!

    Lee Reply:

    don’t you know we love you Scots?