matt pond PA to release new album, Dark Leaves, in February

matt pond

“Leaves” is becoming the new “it” word. First we get Owen with New Leaves and coming in February is matt pond PA‘s newest full-length, Dark Leaves. I guess it’s not just cool to physically go green but also to Speak Green! (Because leaves are part of the environment, duh.) Regardless, as I’ve said before, matt pond PA are one of my favorite groups, with deliciously catchy chamber pop. Pond’s yearning, emotive vocals complement delicate yet commanding string sections. I’m curious about the direction of this new album though, as we’ve heard varied sounds from the pond crew in the past. Is Dark Leaves to be taken literally? Is a February release (cold/wintry days) a sign? Are we in for a brooding, mellow sound? Time will tell – don’t forget about Dark Leaves; we certainly won’t. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

matt pond PA – “Grave’s Disease” [MP3] (from Emblems)

matt pond PA – “The Hollows” [MP3] (from Measure)

matt pond PA on MySpace

(In other news, Pond, along with Chris Hansen, is writing the soundtrack to the movie Lebanon.)

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  • 3lended 7wice

    well i think its also Fall (as in the season) and there are tons of leaves in the fall, dark ones new ones (well not really i guess)