The new Owen video looks very familiar…

Uh oh. Now I know Lee is quite the fan of Owen‘s newest, New Leaves, and that’s great but I think we have a problem here. Not long ago Owen released a video for his song “Good Friends, Bad Habits.” It’s a lovely photo booth session where some people’s personal secrets are told via text and arrows. Scandalous!

Anyway, it’s kind of neat, and it’s rather well done. However, something just doesn’t feel…right about it. I feel…weird. This is…very similar to Kevin Devine‘s three-month-old “I Could be With Anyone” video.

What do you think?

Owen – “Good Friends, Bad Habits” [MP3]

Kevin Devine – “I Could be with Anyone” [MP3]

3 comments to The new Owen video looks very familiar…

  • haha, wow good catch jon!

    watching both clips, it reminds me of this video which came out years ago…

    IMO, they were heavily “influenced” by this…plus, this vid feels more honest and personal, whereas Owen & Kevin’s feel too phony

  • Jon

    Very interesting, Shant. I suppose this “style” isn’t terribly innovative, and I’m sure there are more with a similar “cut from person to person” deal. But I didn’t know about the Bright Eyes video. Good catch yourself 😀

  • Katy

    I have to agree with Shant, this video came straight to mind when I saw the other two. And I also agree that it seems much more attached and heartfelt than the other two, as much as I like Kevin Devine.