Flotilla, kinda wanna be ya


I’m beginning to think Canadians are putting something extra special in their girls’ food. They must be! I mean, so much female vocal talent coming from the country at once, it’s just not fair! We’ve already featured The O’Darling, my last post was about Metric, and Stars, as you should know, are one of my favorite bands (hellloooo Amy Millan’s vocals.)

Next in line comes Montreal’s Flotilla, led by the terrific Veronica Charnley, with a backing band of Geof Holbrook (bass, keyboards, electronics, backing vocals,) Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau (harp!) and Benoit Monière (drums.) Mixing experimental folk with a touch of jazz, Flotilla cover a plethora of different genres. Their sophomore full-length, One Hundred Words For Water, is a showcase of quirky melodies, prominent keys and damn catchy pop. Oooh, and also several song titles with names? (“Song for Yannick,” “A Thousand Jacobs,” “Ophelia,” “Charlie, I’m Through.”) I’m okay with them trying to get personal with Yannick, Jacob (scratch that, there’s a thousand of him), Ophelia and Charlie. Makes it all the more easy to internalize the music, which we can’t really avoid doing anyway with art.

Flotilla – “Charlie, I’m Through” [MP3]

Flotilla – “Ophelia” [MP3]

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