Volcano Choir underwhelm, bore with Unmap

volcano choir unmap

I was really excited for Volcano Choir’s debut album. I heard the lead single, “Island, IS,” and got pretty pumped to hear the whole album. So I listened to it. And again. And again. And I was confused. I was not pumped. I was not excited. I was just bored. So much :(. The band is a side project of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Chicago band Collections of Colonies of Bees. It just screams art and lacks a whole lot of substance. It was a nice try though! I don’t think the band should go anywhere, just maybe try again. I like them! I just don’t like this album they made. But even though I was bored through the thing, it wasn’t all bad.

“Husks and Shells” opens the album very slowly, albeit very beautifully. The song is simple, and evokes a calm that sets you up for what Volcano Choir is all about. Unfortunately what the band then turns out to be all about is too-long songs featuring minimalistic instrumentals, ambient noise and unintelligible lyrics. Not to compare bands, but it reminds me of Department of Eagles struggling to write an album. Great! I mean, I get that music is an artform, and these guys are just expressing themselves in a unique way, but I’d be lying if I said Unmap is entertaining. It just comes down to that.

Volcano Choir – “Island, IS” [MP3]

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4 comments to Volcano Choir underwhelm, bore with Unmap

  • Thomas Wincek

    Hmm. Interesting thoughts. Maybe you feel this way because you’re a shallow fucking retard?

  • Thomas Wincek

    Sorry man. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. My response was more of a response to people sending me these critiques, as I asked them not to (and yet still they do. constantly). It really had little to do with your particular critique. I apologize for being such a thin-skinned jerk.



  • I believe Thomas and co. (from above) have fallen prey to the swirl of blog frenzy for a new Bon Iver side project. This shouldn’t be considered a “side project” but a project of its own and too many people expecting a new Bon Iver album are a bit perplexed by it.

    I am not saying I am in love with this album, but I think it is coloured with the wanting of the folk-infused acoustic beauty of a “For Emma…Part II”. It is far from that, but I think that was the point. Although it must may be a lackluster album just the same.

    But maybe I am just a shallow fucking retard…I mean, just kidding…no wait, I am not sure if I am kidding…

    Hey, all in good blogger fun!


  • Zach

    Collections of Colonies of Bees is from Milwaukee.

    If you’re going to bash a great new band, get their other bands’ location correct.