Good bands to play lame Hot Topic stores for Twilight promo

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By now, everybody knows about the OMZGAWESOME soundtrack for the next Twilight movie that includes the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Bon Iver, Radiohead, et al. But what you might NOT have known were plans to have said artists tour Hot Topic stores to promote the thing. The New York Times investigates:

“Indie style is also important to the film’s marketing. To reach young people Atlantic and Summit Entertainment, the film’s studio, have made extensive plans with MySpace, iTunes and especially Hot Topic… Among the plans for the movie is a national tour of Hot Topic stores with artists from the soundtrack.”

Good lord. I can’t give a bigger UGGGGHHH. At the risk of sounding like a pretentious indie snob, I think this is the worst plan of all things ever planned.

Want more confusion? Grizzly Bear is also slated to appear on the soundtrack, according to the article, but officials are keeping mum about details until the full track list is released tomorrow. It’s not that I’m necessarily against these bands signing on, I’m just confused how they were all convinced to do it. Label pressure? Closet fans of the series??

I don’t get it. I’m out of touch with the teens. Somebody grab my cane, and turn up that television. It’s too quiet! Don’t you dare scratch my Bobby Darin records!!

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