The Cave Singers and Lightning Dust coming to DC


Well lookee here, who said those northwest indie folk bands never trudge out to D.C.? We have a stellar lineup coming up next Monday (9/21) at the Black Cat with two of the hottest up and coming folksters in The Cave Singers and Lightning Dust. The show is not sold out (at the time of this post) and tickets are a mere 12 dollars. Something needs to be corrected here, and YOU are the solution!

The Cave Singers are technically headlining, and I’m certainly game for them, but I’m just as (if not more) excited for Lightning Dust. Their latest effort, Infinite Light, struck all the right chords with a nice mix of femme fatale (yes, I’m making it an adjective) vocals and a jagged sound. Who wants to bet Smansmith is jealous? Mark my words: If you don’t go, he’ll never forgive you.

The Cave Singers – “Beach House” [MP3]

Lightning Dust – “Never Seen” [MP3]

[Photo by Steve Louie]

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