[MP3] Manet: “Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex cover)”


We got this mysterious synthed-out cover of T-Rex’s “Cosmic Dancer” by Manet in our inbox today. The e-mail contained no information about the song or band/artist. All it said was “Who is Manet? You’ll see….” This is the stuff of Nancy Drew. The track is off their Citiholic EP, (which I found out when I opened it in iTunes). A Google search yielded nothing for the EP and one Myspace page for a Norweigen artist called Manet who hasn’t updated his website in a few years, but did log in to Myspace today. I’m a regular detective now! Regardless, it’s a good song. Did I mention it’s a good song? I like the song.

Manet – “Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex cover)” [MP3]

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