In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

UMD Football celebration

Because you were getting pumped for FOOTBAHL!! and couldn’t drag yourself away from your fantasy team (see: Lee Levin), I know you didn’t have time for hip indie music at Knox Road. I’m disappointed. Your fantasy team better win the fantasy super bowl or I’ll be fantasy pissed. I just hope nobody has any money on Maryland this year. I know I don’t… :(

Labor Day mix!

Review: Yo La Tengo comes close to awesome on Popular Songs
KiD CuDi collaborates with MGMT and Ratatat on new song
Review: Wild Beast’s Two Dancers is nice, but not exciting
[MP3] Kurt Vile: “Hunchback”
Speech Debelle wins Mercury Prize

Review: Vivian Girls miss it by THAT much
“72 Musicians” shows secret lives of bands
[MP3] Los Campesinos: “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future”
The Soil & The Sun wraps your mind in a tender embrace
Neon Indian announces North American tour dates
[MP3] The Most Serene Republic: “Aveern”
[MP3] Fredrik: “Locked in the Basement”

Midnight Masses releases new single, “Preacher’s Son”
[MP3] Tim Williams: “I Hit Another Wall”

Review: Jay-Z is old and cranky, still talented on The Blueprint 3
Sea Wolf makes artsy video explaining “Wicked Blood”
Grizzly Bear tells secret life of fencers in “While You Wait For The Others” video
Rob Paravonian is stand-up and music
iLiKETRAiNS to release new single, “Sea of Regrets”
Sunset Rubdown takes a Halloween-inspired acid trip for “Black Swan” video

Pick of the Week:
Aquarium Drunkard: “Princeton on The Science Fiction of B.S. Johnson” Matt Kivel, from L.A. band Princeton, talks to AD about science fiction (??). It’s actually a pretty interesting piece on author B.S. Johnson who took pleasure in writing about the plight of modern society.

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