[Music Video] Sunset Rubdown: “Black Swan”

It’s a music video kind of day! And there’s not a thing wrong with that. Sometimes we just like expressing our thoughts and artistic ideas through a visual format rather than music. Unity and togetherness, everybody.

This one is from 2009 heroes Sunset Rubdown doing “Black Swan” from their last album Dragonslayer. And the awesome song got the awesome video it deserves! I wish the timing had been a little closer to Halloween, because it’s all darkness and skeletons and full moons and eyes and naked women and flowers and Rorschach tests and stuff. Boo!! Haha! Don’t be scared, it’s just me! I’ll meet you on the other side of this acid trip.

Sunset Rubdown – “Black Swan” [MP3]

Woah, you guys. I really like 2009.

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