the Soil & the Sun

the soil & the sun

Allow me to preface this post by saying this band is NOT my discovery, but I will most certainly write about them as if they are. (I stole ’em from Tart over at love shack, baby – visit her blog, people!)

The Soil & the Sun comes to us from that Tarty Chicago area and plays a lovely brand of soothing, atmospheric pop – stuff that glides its way in and around your head, wrapping your brain in its tender embrace. The sheer grace of the harmonies makes the Soil & the Sun a worthy listen, but the textured background, complete with layered percussion and various electro-acoustic tones, brings out the (my) awe. I’m left dumbfounded as the duo builds upon their sound in each song in a slow but certain way that makes you eager for the final product but holds your attention enough so that you’re forced to wait as each subtle embellishment eases its way to the finish line.

the Soil & the Sun – “Spirit of Memory” [MP3]

the Soil & the Sun – “IOWEEOW” [MP3]

the Soil & the Sun on MySpace

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