[MP3] Kurt Vile: “Hunchback”

kurt vile

Who ever said rock music is dead? I did. And it’s mostly true. Listen to a mainstream rock station lately? Eeesh… Luckily people like Kurt Vile are here to save the crippled genre. The Philly native is looking to release his first solo record, Childish Prodigy, on Matador this October, and the label has been kind enough to release the LP’s lead track, “Hunchback.” Aw, hey thanks! It crunches and snarls and rolls along like any good Rock ‘n’ Roll song ought to. It almost seems like the love-child of 70s classic rock and the 00s blues rock revival minus all that trash from the 80s and the whiny stuff from the 90s. Genetics!!

Kurt Vile – “Hunchback” [MP3]

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  • “minus all that trash from the 80s and the whiny stuff from the 90s” ?

    I’m just gonna turn my head and pretend I didn’t see that bit and say, yes! thanks for posting this lovely bit by Kurt :)

    and no, rock has never died. you’ve just not been looking for it in the right places, darling. The Heartless Bastards have been cranking it out, Sybris has been swirling it around our heads for a good long time, The Black Crowes even have a new album out (tho I’ve not got to that level of my stack of CDs yet!)

    a.k.a rock chick

    Jamie Reply:

    I guess I should mention I love all that trashy and whiny stuff from the 80s and 90s. Wonderful music, but still trashy and whiny. And good call on Heartless Bastards, they actually released one of my favorite albums of the year!

    But I should clarify my statement a little. When I say “rock” I mean classically mainstream rock bands that tend to derive their sound from classic rock and Rock ‘n’ Roll formats and are typically guitar driven. Like the Black Crowes, who I love to death, but I wouldn’t consider alive and kicking per se.

    I’ll have to listen to their new one. It’s at the bottom of my stack of MP3s at the moment!

    ARRGH the debate roars on!!