Phenomenal video Saturday: Bon Iver

And we’re back with Phenomenal Video Saturday, where I scale back my ostensible weirdness and talk about music, without bad jokes! Check out last week’s PVS right over here. Today I have for you all a video you may have actually seen when it first came out at the end of 2008: it’s another performance on Later… with Jools Holland, this time with Justin Vernon playing a chilling rendition of “Skinny Love.”

Vernon has been known to use his live performances as Bon Iver to alter the composition of his songs, sometimes dramatically, but here we have just the man, a guitar, and one of the most passionate vocal performances you’ll find anywhere.

“And now all your love is wasted / and then who the hell was I?”


Bon Iver – “Skinny Love” [MP3]

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