One Good Man: The happy Mormon movie you’ve been waiting for!

This is a big step, you guys. And I don’t even mean that in a snarky way! Mormons don’t really have a lot of legit movies come out, and this one looks legit! Good for them. I’m happy, progress and togetherness, ya know? But there’s a problem with this movie and it’s the fact that this isn’t really much of a movie.

You know how movies need to have, like, some sort of “conflict” to make them “interesting?” Ok, so One Good Man looks to have something like that. “Everything in my life is great and I’m so stressed about it AAARRGH!” A promotion, wedding, christmas and a birthday?? Yikes. Sweat on my brow. The in-laws story line looked promising, but it looks like he just said “Sorry!” and they said “No problem!” Because who would be THAT upset, really? I really think it’s great that a minority religious group is getting their own big movie blah blah, but they could have made an actual movie with plot and conflict instead of the feel-good nonsense we have here. Blech. “They think we’re a cult.” Well when you make movies like this, yes. They do.

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  • Michael

    This actually looks pretty cool. Puts fun back into functional. Why not? Could be good.

  • Celes

    I believe the conflict is the “promotion” because Mormons don’t get paid to be the Bishop. It’s a very stressful position, because you have one or two hundred people looking up to you as a their personal spiritual leader and counselor. He also has to deal with the burden of hearing people’s troubles and sins that they are trying to overcome. It’s basically like having a second full-time job.

  • Jono

    I agree that it looks good, and appears to be more of a character study than a plot-driven drama. There are a handful of excellent LDS cinema examples (and a ton of mediocre/crappy ones).

  • Hailey

    first, who wants another hollywood made movie? is lies, sex, and trial what make a movie “intresting ” in our days?

    anyway, there is a lot of trial in this movie, as previously stated bishops in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints do not get paid and are the sole example for many watchfull eyes, and not only those that are members or the church but many who are not and would like to make pre concieved judgements of the gospel by their leading example.

    the father has to strive to be an example of is principals not only for himself, but for christ, his family, strangers, and church members. he has to help his daughter with her marrige and all the challenges associated with sending your “lttle” girl to marry someone. as well as sending a son on a mission for 2 years AND a trial and error testing teenager. AND he has to be a loving/ supporting spouse for his wife. AND all the work complications. i think that is enough to give anyone some conflict.
    have you EVER tried to do that?
    mind you they dont even have coffee to help them stay up!

    oh, and one more thing, his great life wasn’t just given to him, he earned every last bit of it.

    bob Reply:

    Not to mention the trails of living in a state leading the nation in prescription drug abuse and anti-depressant use.

    Steven Reply:

    Yeah they do lead the nation in those things maybe hopefully some day they will be able to lead the nation in murders, illegal drug abuse, and prostitution cause those are much more acceptable.

    Jon Madrid Reply:

    Well, I’d rather live here in Utah than about anywhere in the world. I mean, I’m not from here, so I know what crime and violence look like, including combat. I’m perfectly happy with our little “Mormon Bubble.”

  • Hailey

    it’s very unfortunate…

  • cheshercatmm

    I don’t imagine that any LDS movie will ever live up to the “Hollywood” standards of what society defines as a “good movie” because LDS movies will never have the sex, violence, drugs, and general immorality that seems to be required for today’s general audience.

  • Tim

    Yes it is a very slow movie but it is beautiful in it’s simplicity. I would think of it more of a documentary than a blockbuster.

  • Jan Shaffer

    I really enjoyed this movie… It was so real to life in an LDS family. WE just 2 days ago experienced our son opening his mission call. He sat and watched this show and we just
    totally could relate!! Nice to have a feel good movie with reality for us rather than smut!!! Thanks so much!! Lots of us make these kinds of sacrifices but LOVE every day of living the gospel….Even with Criticism!

  • Scott

    I thought it was one of the most accurate depictions I have seen of life as a Mormon husband and father. If those outside the Church are interested in a glimpse into that life and culture, this movie is about as accurate as it gets.

  • Jennifer

    I watched this last night. As a former Mormon, I know this film is a faith-promoting “feel good” movie, and if my experience in the church had been as good as this movie made it look, I never would have left. I think the conflicts were obvious: he has to lay off people who he literally sees every Sunday at church, he has a daughter who is a bit wayward, his oldest kids are leaving the nest, he hates his job, he has been promoted to a non-paid church position for 5 yrs that will make as many demands on his time and energy as a full-time job. I was impressed with the way this guy did his duty, relied on his faith and prayer life to get him through, and except for some “perfect happy Mormon moments” I found the whole thing to be very real and enjoyable.