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Got another one for ya. For those who don’t know, this is iTunes Mixery part seis. Here’s how it goes: I play iTunes on shuffle -> tell you which song comes up -> provide the mp3 and a tidbit -> continue until five songs and embarrassment are complete. See my previous “mixeries” at the bottom of the post. Again, nothing’s off-limits – I don’t “fix the mix”. Have a look into my life… [image via]

  1. Sigur Rós – “Untitled 3 (Samskeyti)” [MP3] (from ( )). Sometimes it’s too easy to say words cannot give due credit to a song, but in Sigur Rós’ case, it’s kind of impossible to do any sort of justice to their sound. You just have to take in Samskeyti as the piano and strings build into the indescribable.
  2. Keren Ann – “Not Going Anywhere” [MP3] (from Not Going Anywhere). It’s that kind of day isn’t it? Extremely mellow two songs to start. Ann’s delicate and soothing voice combines with soft acoustics and violin to make for perhaps the definition of a low key song.
  3. Stars – “My Radio (AM Mix)” [MP3] (from Nightsongs). Okay, honestly, I swear this isn’t my life in a nutshell. Yes, music does say a lot about a person, but I have so much more variety to offer!! Promise! You’ll just have a to enjoy a very relaxation-centered mix for now… (P.S. Heather from Fuel/Friends put this track up on a wonderful summery mix a little while back)
  4. Walking Concert – “What’s Your New Thing?” [MP3] (from Run To Be Born) Finally! A little more rockin’ stuff here, eh? This song has long been one of my favorites, a go-to, quick, two minute track with crashing electric guitars and kick-ass catchy vocals.
  5. Cake – “You Part The Waters” [MP3] (from Motorcade of Generosity) Ah, bit of a trip down memory lane here. Not such a big Cake fan anymore, as their gimmicky sound got to my head a little bit – but still, there’s some great musical talent on display for these power-poppers with the swagger, rhythm and horns. Off their first studio album, “You Part The Waters” is experimental in all the right places.


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