The alt-folk of Boca Chica make me body weaka

Boca Chica

You know I have this thing for female singer/songwriters. And musical collectives. And folk music. So, it kinda figures when you put all that stuff together and toss it in the oven, the finishing product will be nothing less than delicious. I get Boca Chica; Boca Chica gets me.

Led by Hallie Pritts, Boca Chica is a revolving pop/americana/freak folk collective out of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The enemies have become one! Pennsylvania power! Jamie would be proud. Pritts is joined on vocals by the lovely Susanna Meyer, and a wealth of instruments from various others are on prominent display without losing any cohesion. Boca Chica’s newest, Lace Up Your Work Boots, includes cello, banjo, vibraphone, Wurlitzer, pedal steel, and the occasional synth, but the music’s not manic or frantic – it all blends together quite smoothly, coming off more like central air than those creakers you stick in your window.

Boca Chica – “Valentine” [MP3]

Boca Chica – “Lake Erie” [MP3]

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