Peter Bradley Adams’ forthcoming album, Traces, streaming in its entirety

I wasn’t even going to look at the inbox tonight as I’m off to go see Sunny Day Real Estate at the 9:30 club, but it’s a good thing I did, because I found this gem: Peter Bradley Adams is streaming his entire new album, Traces (officially due out 10/20,) on his website. […]

The Raveonettes make adorable video for “Last Dance”

A lot of the material we’ve heard from the new Raveonettes album, In And Out Of Control, is pretty bleak. It’s all about sadness and rape (??) and stuff, all in the style of old 50s pop tunes revamped for the 21st century. So does the video for their new song, “Last Dance,” match […]

Zero 7 are rather boring and forgettable on Yeah Ghost

I’ll be blunt: Zero 7‘s Yeah Ghost isn’t too good. Sure, the group has that whole “downtempo” labeling, but shouldn’t that be a description rather than an excuse? As a whole, the music is pretty boring, in all of its harmless blips and bloops, same ol’ same ol’ drumbeats and guitars, and the […]

The Avett Brothers strike it rich on I and Love and You

The Avett Brothers snuck up on me only a few months ago despite their popularity among other crowds. And subsequently, in the span of very little time, I and Love and You got up there as one of the albums I was looking forward to the most this calendar year. So naturally, I […]

Beat Radio releases new, free LP, Safe Inside The Sound

What’s that? Free music?? Correct, you are! Brian Sendrowitz has decided to release his latest Beat Radio album as a completely free digital release to keep up with the times. Safe Inside The Sound has been a work in progress for the last several months, and Brian had been kind enough to send […]

[MP3] The Barents Sea: “I’ve Got The Right Idea”

I learned about geography today! Apparently the Barents Sea is part of the Arctic Ocean located north of Norway and Russia. Interesting! It’s also the name of a Scottish band fed up with their music scene, who decided to try something more inspired and unique. Cool! They’ve recorded a “mini-album,” Bear […]

matt pond PA to release new album, Dark Leaves, in February

“Leaves” is becoming the new “it” word. First we get Owen with New Leaves and coming in February is matt pond PA‘s newest full-length, Dark Leaves. I guess it’s not just cool to physically go green but also to Speak Green! (Because leaves are part of the environment, duh.) Regardless, as I’ve said […]

In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

What, you weren’t seeing Hands & Knees play live on Knox Road Radio? I guess you were probably busy sitting and thinking about all the awesome things that happened on Knox Road this week. Since I know how much you love reminiscing, here’s a little reminder of what you missed didn’t miss. [Photo […]

Knox Road Radio presents Boston’s Hands and Knees

Exciting news on the radio front! Apologies if you’ve already heard this from our Twitter or Facebook group already, but for those who haven’t, Boston’s Hands and Knees will be performing live on Knox Road Radio tomorrow! As usual, the show is from Noon to two (Eastern Time), and we expect Hands and […]

The new Owen video looks very familiar…

Uh oh. Now I know Lee is quite the fan of Owen‘s newest, New Leaves, and that’s great but I think we have a problem here. Not long ago Owen released a video for his song “Good Friends, Bad Habits.” It’s a lovely photo booth session where some people’s personal secrets are told via […]